Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Milkweed Seed Pods

On Monday, our own Butterfly Garden mistress, Mary Howe, shared this lovely picture of beautiful giant milkweed seed pods in the Butterfly Garden.  The butterflies were out in full force proving all the hard work that goes into our Butterfly Garden pays off.  Our Butterfly Garden is a wonderful place to pause and reflect.  Let us know what you think.

Milkweed Pod Seeds in the Butterfly Garden

Native Garden

Native Gardens at the Mandarin Garden Club

Our Native Garden is really taking on a new look.  Martha Dysart took over responsibility for this area and has made many new additions to the garden.  Nothing is more peaceful than a stroll through the garden in the early morning.  One of our members, Betty Waldrep, did just that and took some pictures to share with all of us.

Enjoy our Native Garden!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yard of the Month Mandarin Garden Club

Yard of the Month
Mandarin Garden Club
Driving down Mandarin Road in the late afternoon, you will come upon a beautiful neighborhood called Mandarin Place. Betty Waldrep, Publicity Chair, and members Marilyn Clark, Diane Frisco,and Eileen Hauge were headed to the home of Barbara Poust in this neighborhood to award her the Mandarin Garden Club's Yard of the Month.

As you arrive at Barbara's, you  will see the lovely front yard she has created. Barbara and her family ( she greeted us holding her beautiful grandson) moved to the property 28 years ago. She told me everything was bare when she arrived except what the builder had installed. Having lived in California and Georgia before moving to Jacksonville, she had to figure out North Florida gardening. And believe me she has!

Barbara works from home and enjoys her gardens all day long. Her neighbor, Diane Frisco, nominated her for the Yard of the Month, and tells me Barbara works in her yard every day after work. Barbara said she had always enjoyed gardening no matter where she lived. She has created a "little heaven on earth" for her family, friends and neighbors to enjoy.

We started our tour on the left side of her house where she has a beautiful rain chain hanging from a gutter. As we walked around the house, we saw huge Snake Plants, Bird of Paradise, Blue Saliva, Purple Passion Vines, Sunflowers, bird houses and feeders, Roses and other plants and flowers I forgot to write down. I was so thrilled with what I was seeing! Heavens, as we walked into the back yard, my fascination continued! Barbara has created a beautiful water garden with huge goldfish swimming around. There was an angel fountain pouring water into the water garden. Pots of Coleus, Caladiums, and other plants surround the pond and fountain. It was a very peaceful place to sit and enjoy the quite and beauty of the summer evening approaching.

When you turn around and look into the backyard, Barbara has a huge butterfly garden. She has planted loads of Milkweed, Lantana, Daises, Herbs, and every kind of plants that attract butterflies. She has installed several lovely butterfly houses. I was just amazed at all of the Monarchs, Gulf Fritillaries, Sulfurs, Swallow Tails, and Skippers flying around. It was a beautiful sight in the late afternoon. Her yard has large trees and tall ferns surrounding the trees. The birds were singing and butterflies were flitting around. It was indeed a pretty sight! We continued around the right side of the house where there are large light green Caladiums planted and the approaching evening light caught their beauty. Then we proceeded to the front yard and installed the Yard of the Month Sign. What a lovely visit we had to Barbara's yard and gardens! We all agreed it was worth a trip down Mandarin Road.

To nominate a neighbor's yard for The Mandarin Garden Club's Yard of the Month Program you can contact us at info@mandaringardenclub.org or call 904-268-1192.