Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Magnolia Christmas Party

Our Magnolia Circle enjoyed its Christmas Party on December 8th at the Blackstone Grill.

The ladies enjoyed a Chinese gift exchange, some singing, great food, and a great time of just being together.

Here are some pictures of their event for all to enjoy -

Gingerbread Extravaganza!

Last year a couple of circles went to the Jacksonville Historical Society's Gingerbread Extravaganza.  At the time we considered making one for 2016, but we didn't follow through until we received a plea on October 15th from the Jacksonville Historical Society saying they might not have enough houses to have the event.  The Garden Club Board voted to put in our application and be a Gingerbread House builder.  That meant we had to plan, find all necessary parts, build, and deliver the finished product by November 28th!  It would have never gotten done without the teamwork of the hardworking volunteers - headed up by Stacia Snuggs as our Committee Chairperson for this undertaking.

Thank you to all the ladies who participated and look at the masterpiece they created.  Actually winning the "First Time Builders" award!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Winter Celebration at the Walter Jones Park and Museum

Four members of Mandarin Garden Club decorated the Walter Jones Farm House for the Winter Celebration.

Christmas decorations from the period of the 1800's were used throughout the house. The Winter Celebration is held each December at Walter Jones Park and Museum. Over a 1000 visitors enjoyed a lovely day in the park with hay rides, music, tours, good food, and the joy of being outside on a farm. Thanks to Pat Sams, Gail Cook, Donna Crosby and Betty Waldrep for decorating the farmhouse. A big thank you to Wendy Olson, Publicity MGC, for taking the lovely photographs.

From Left - Donna Crosby, Pam Sams, Betty Waldrep, Gail Cook