Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jax Moms' Group Garden Tour

Mandarin Garden Club hosted the Jax Moms’ Group on April second for a tour of the gardens. The guests included mothers, children and grandmothers.

The children explored the Repurposed Garden and enjoying seeing vegetables sprouting. The wooden bridge was a favorite resting spot. Spring was in the Air! Buzzing bees and butterflies were out in abundance. Master Gardener, Mary Forester, explained how important soil, water, and sun were to seeds.

The young gardeners enjoyed fresh fruit served in a watermelon frog and other treats. The kids made a craft activity of planting and watering seeds in a take home tin. We hope a love for gardening was planted in our young guests by spending time at the garden club.

Busy with our Craft Project

The crafts were a big hit.

Loving our bridge in the garden!

Shared Courtesy of Mandarin Newsline