Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mandarin Garden Club's Yard of the Month

Mandarin Garden Club Yard of the Month for March was truly a labor of love.

Our March  home had set vacant for many months as a foreclosure.  The new owners have worked very hard to beautify the front and back yards.

The Mandarin Garden Club presents the Yard of the Month Award to a Mandarin area resident whose property reflects the natural beauty of Mandarin.

Congratulations to our March recipient.

Karen Rowe

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Construction is done!!!

Our newest addition to the garden is complete.

So many contributed to our latest project -

Left to right -

Wanda Bosworth - Treasurer in charge of paying the bill and supporter of the project.
Mary Howe - Demo Gardens Founder.
Mary Clark - Grounds Chairperson in charge of hiring and overseeing the project.
Mary Forester - Moral Support Team.
Becky Bathen - Designer and visionary of the need for this project.

A big THANK YOU to all of you!

So many ladies and gentlemen contribute to our demo gardens - we can never thank you all enough for the hard work you do to make our gardens a beautiful place to pause and reflect.

The garden is blooming and the weather is nice - please visit and take a stroll across our newest addition.

Happy Gardening....

Karen Rowe

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Under Construction

Our gardens are getting a new addition!

Mary Clark is overseeing this new project and I can't wait to see the finished product.  I know the rain is great for our gardens but it can sure wreak havoc on a construction project.  Hopefully, it will remain on schedule and we will  soon be able to enjoy the latest addition to our Mandarin Garden Club gardens.

If you haven't taken time to stroll through the gardens, please do.  The ladies work very hard to make our grounds a lovely, serene place to pause and reflect.  Mary Clark, Mary Forester, and Becky Bathen with the help of many, many, many volunteers work in the rain, cold, and blistering heat to give us these wonderful gardens for our enjoyment.

Speaking of gardening and plants - don't forget our Plant Sale on Saturday, April 25th.  We will have a wonderful offering of plants and gardening accessories.  Its a great place to shop for Mother's Day gifts, thank you gifts for teachers, and most importantly - new additions for our own garden.

Hope to see you there...

Karen Rowe

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Martha's Bloom Report


I seem to be concentrating on the Crosby Perennial Bed 1 in the last few reports, but that’s where the action is . . . Baptisia hybrid Carolina Moon (False Indigo) is in bloom – this is a natural hybrid and does not set seeds. It is a magnificent sight when blooming and then has the good manners to die back in mid-summer – not to be seen until next spring. Growing right beside the Baptisia is a good stand of Tulbaghia violacea (Society Garlic). This blooms off-and-on throughout the summer and is a truly bullet-proof plant. The only drawback that I can see is that when you are working in and around it the garlic odor can overwhelm you!! Mentioned before in previous reports, were the Serissa foetida (Serissa) and Osmanthus fragrans (Tea Olive). Both are still in bloom and worth your attention. Serissa derives its name from the rotten smell of its bark and roots when they are crushed or cut and foetida is literally 'foul-smelling' in Latin. The Tea Olive derives its name from the sweet aroma of its blossoms. These also go under the “bullet proof” label.

In Mary’s Butterfly garden, you should pay particular attention to the Angelonia angustifolia which has recently been planted there. Often called Summer Snapdragon because it will last in the summer without fading away as would “real” Snapdragons. The current hybrids are much improved over those in past years and are available in white, lavender, and pink.

In the Potager Garden the Punica granatum (Dwarf Pomegranate) will catch your eye immediately. It is supposed to thrive in hot, dry weather – so be careful where you plant it in our humid wet climate – find a high and dry spot !!
Again, our faithful Aloe vera (Aloe) is in showy bloom behind the kiosk. This thing blooms off and on – I don’t think it has a “season” - wonderfully orange and tall.

Mary Forester

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beginners Bonsai Workshop

The North Florida Bonsai Club in association with the Mandarin Garden Club is pleased to present our Spring 2015:  Beginners Bonsai Workshop.  This workshop is especially for beginners who have wanted to try bonsai, but never knew how to get started.  We'll be working on Ficus sp. - a tree that is "easy care" in Florida, but needs frost protection.  Each participant will get his/her own tree, special bonsai soil and an appropriate pot.  At the end of session 3, you'll have your very own bonsai to take home and enjoy!

What You'll Learn:

  • What “bonsai” really is (and how to pronounce it!)
  • How to style and shape a bonsai tree
  • How to prune and wire branches
  • How to find inexpensive sources of pre-bonsai plant material at local stores
  • How to fit a tree into those tiny little pots
  • How to keep your tree happy once you get it home!

These are casual, hands-on classes for people of all ages. You will have a chance to meet people who have taken past beginners classes and talk with them about their experiences getting started in this fascinating hobby. If you love plants and have an interest in learning about bonsai, come join the fun!

Dates:  April 28th, May 5th, & May 12 (3 sessions)
Time:  7-9PM
Cost:  $35 - includes tree plus all materials
Location:  Mandarin Garden Club - 2892 Loretto Rd, 32223

To register or more information, call Joe at 262-3995 or Ron at 545-4972.