Saturday, August 10, 2019

A Moment in Your Garden

For me gardens are all about sanctuary and moments in time.  I can have a bad day and go out into my garden and find a sense of peace.

There are so many "moments" we eagerly anticipate - that first bloom of a beloved plant, the first sign of spring, harvesting our vegetables and herbs, those dreaded weeds, and the delightful smell of your favorite plant.

One of our members, Past President, Stacia Snuggs had one of those moments just recently with her night blooming cereus.  

She caught a picture of one of the blooms recently and shared with us -

Wikipedia tells us - Night-blooming cereus is the common name referring to a large number of flowering ceroid cacti that bloom at night.  The flowers are short lived, and some of these species, such as Selenicereus grandiflorus bloom only once a year for a single night.

A true "moment in time" in Stacia's garden.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Rowe