Monday, June 24, 2013

Live Oak Circle - Summer Garden Pictures

While the Mandarin Garden Club is on summer hiatus to keep everyone in the gardening spirit, some of the Live Oak circle members are submitting their garden pictures and/or gardens that inspires them to Gretchen M.  All Circles are welcome to send their pictures to Gretchen via e-mail.  Pictures will be posted on the blog throughout the summer.

This post was provided by Susan W.
Hi Gretchen, 

Here are some pictures from my yard to share with the Live Oak Circle.  Good Gardening, Susan.

1.  Caladiums & ferns grow great under the shade of my giant live oak tree.  For years & years I included impatiens with the caladiums & ferns, but now they won’t grow because of the impatiens downy mildew epidemic.  I keep the invasive fern in control because it is planted in an old rusted out fire pit.  I’ts elevated just enough to keep the fern from spreading.

2.  Hydrangea, swamp hibiscus & white shrimp plant all growing under the live oak tree.  All of these were given to me by garden club members or I got them at our plant swaps.

3.  Mary C. from the Cherokee Rose Circle gave me a small rooted cutting of this outstanding red salvia a couple years ago.  It is about 5 feet tall now & never falls over.  It blooms from spring until we get freezing temperatures.  That area is also planted with black & blue salvia & pineapple sage, but the big red salvia towers over the other sage/salvias.  I have it planted so that I can see it from my kitchen sink window.  It makes doing the dishes much more pleasant when I often get to watch hummingbirds & butterflies on that big red salvia.

Good Gardening,

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