Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aloe Vera Plants - Donation Request

Aloe Vera Plant
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The Men’s Garden Club wants to provide Aloe Vera plants as a topical treatment to cancer patients to help relieve the effects from radiation burns. They are working with the Jacksonville Zoo who will provide a protected growing space.

If you have any plants that you would like to donate, please drop-off the plants to the Mandarin Garden Club nursery on the table in front of the mailbox at 2892 Loretto Road, Jacksonville, FL 32223.

Master Gardeners and Men’s Garden Club members, Dom Colanero, Marty Gottlieb, or Russ Snyder are willing to pick up the donated plants on their Master Gardener workdays.

For more information, please contact Mandarin Garden Club at (904) 268-1192 or

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