Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Under Construction

Our gardens are getting a new addition!

Mary Clark is overseeing this new project and I can't wait to see the finished product.  I know the rain is great for our gardens but it can sure wreak havoc on a construction project.  Hopefully, it will remain on schedule and we will  soon be able to enjoy the latest addition to our Mandarin Garden Club gardens.

If you haven't taken time to stroll through the gardens, please do.  The ladies work very hard to make our grounds a lovely, serene place to pause and reflect.  Mary Clark, Mary Forester, and Becky Bathen with the help of many, many, many volunteers work in the rain, cold, and blistering heat to give us these wonderful gardens for our enjoyment.

Speaking of gardening and plants - don't forget our Plant Sale on Saturday, April 25th.  We will have a wonderful offering of plants and gardening accessories.  Its a great place to shop for Mother's Day gifts, thank you gifts for teachers, and most importantly - new additions for our own garden.

Hope to see you there...

Karen Rowe

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