Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cherokee Rose Goes to the Zoo

The Cherokee Rose Circle Members had the opportunity to enjoy a Garden Tour of the Jacksonville Zoo in May.  We were surprised at the remarkable accomplishment of what only 12 people can do to maintain over 90 acres of gardens with a small budget for plants.

Our 90 minute tour took us down the River of  Color, through the lush Savanna Blooms Garden, and concluded in the Trout River Gardens.  We also enjoyed many animals along the way.
Lunch at the Palm Cafe with one of the tour guides allowed for personal time to learn more of the many accomplishments of those tending to the garden.  Our lunch ended with a beautiful Jaguar sitting next to the window for our pleasure and view.

The new 36 member flock of African Greater Flamingos arrived one day before our visit.  We included this photo for your view.  You can also visit the website of the Jacksonville zoo for a peek,  or Facebook.

Please visit the website of the Jacksonville Zoo and possibly enjoy a day there over the summer with your family and friends. 

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