Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Non-Residential Beautification Award--Ackerman Cancer Center

During Mary Clark and Mary Forester's research on outdoor lighting for the garden club, an electrician recommended that they make a night visit to see what type of lighting the Ackerman oncology facility had installed.  It is located next to Walmart on San Jose Blvd.  

While there, they noticed the landscaping of the building which serves cancer patients.  The simplified and minimal landscaping created a peaceful and calming effect on our members.  They felt this was intentional for the patients attending the office during a trying time in their lives.  Hopefully the use of the rocks, the colors of the building, and the plantings set a tone of restfulness in a world of unknowns with the patients and staff utilizing this facility.

 We wanted to honor not only the beautification of this Mandarin building but also their respect for the patients by creating a world of beauty for them. If that much attention to detail is evident on the outside of a medical building, the attention to detail on the inside for their patients must be outstanding.                                          

--Fredi Olson and Mary Forester

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