Monday, November 19, 2018

September Yard of the Month

Home of Paula & Mike Zeman          

The Mandarin Garden Club has selected Paula & Mike Zeman as Yard of the Month for September for its 100% Florida-Friendly Landscaped home.

Paula and Mike have worked in construction and building and currently own a landscape business.  However they take great pride in maintaining their own yard.

With unique experience as an ecologist, Paula creates and experiments with germination, soil, composting, planting, and, incorporating the (9) Principles in a Florida Friendly Landscaping Yard.  Using these principles and her experience in her own yard and others she is known throughout the business and her community for her unique gift of design and creating a yard of art and beauty.  She gives of her talents and shares her tools of knowledge and experience with others.

The Zeman home showcases a wide variety of assorted tropical, cactus, succulents, trees, scrubs, perennials, and beautiful decorative pots of flowers with various heights for an eye-catching style of nature and beauty in any season.

 Pavers guide you through walkways and beds building the beauty and intensity of the yard.  Some of my favorite plants spotted were the beautiful Dwarf  Podocarpus, Sunshine Dwarf Ligustrum, Dwarf Sunshine Anise, Dwarf Azaleas and many other native flowering plants.

Welcoming cats lounge about enjoying a special place in this most attractive beautifully landscaped work of art.

SPECIAL THANKS:  September Yard of the Month Nominated By, Karen Rowe, Dogwood Member of the Mandarin Garden Club.  

Article/Photos Submitted By:  Wanda Bosworth, Community Education

Paula Zeman

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