Monday, December 17, 2018

2018 Winter Celebration

On Saturday December 1st Mandarin Garden Club participated in the 2018 Winter Celebration hosted by Mandarin Historical Society.  Despite the rainy weather there was a steady turn out of visitors.

Mandarin Garden Club volunteers met and greeted visitors. They shared what the club offers to the community. Information brochures along with sweet wildflower seeds packets were handed out. We reminded the public that the gardens were open and invited them to visit.

Thank you to all the volunteers that represented the club throughout the day.

Judy Zamborski         (Dogwood)
Angela Munn             (Live Oak)
Janet Ford                   (Magnolia)
Wanda Bosworth        (Cherokee Rose)
Mary Forester             (Live Oak)
Sandy Ingram             (Magnolia)
Donna Crosby             (Live Oak)

On November 29th another group of volunteers spent an afternoon and evening creating period Christmas ornaments for the Walter Jones farmhouse. Popcorn and cranberries were strung with the greatest of care. Cinnamon and dried fruit ornaments were made for a real tree and to adorn native greenery. Red ribbon tied it all together.  Thank you to:

Betty Waldrep           (Dogwood)
Pat Sams                   (Dogwood)
Gail Cook                 (Dogwood)
Donna Crosby           (Live Oak)

for spending their time and talents on making this project shine.

Thank you again to Wanda Bosworth, who helped forage the ton of greenery that was used in this year's decorations.

Thank you again to Mary Forester for remembering this project and giving a heads up when garden volunteers were trimming the Magnolia trees.

Shared stories and so much laughter along with a special appearance by Santa made this day very special. All of the Mandarin Garden Club volunteers are officially on Santa's good list. That is straight from the big guy himself.

Donna Crosby
Education and Community

Here Comes Santa Claus

From Left, Wanda Bosworth, Santa Claus,
Donna Crosby, and Mary Forester,

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